100_4551We would like to update the descriptions of the various ministries here at Central UMC.  Would you please take a few minutes and complete the form below.  This information will be posted on your ministry page.

Most ministry description are written in small booklets called GUIDELINES published by Cokesbury (each ministry leader is given one when he/she is elected, i.e. there is one for Worship, Finance, Youth, etc.) and there are more general descriptions listed in the UMC Book of Discipline pages 251 through 259. Our committee on Nominations and Leadership Development maintains a full set of these Guidelines Booklets for all the ministries (See Monica Prothro) and there is a copy of the Book of Discipline online and a printed hardcopy in our church office (See Rev. Gunn).  You can copy summary statements from the official Guidelines.

If your ministry does not have a web page, please fill out the form below and we will add a page for your ministry.

Thank you,

Anita Oneal, Church Council Chair

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