DSCN3255Acolytes – When you serve God by serving as an acolyte, you are doing more than carrying a flame to the altar candles. You are symbolically bringing the light of Christ’s spirit into the worship service.

Altar Guild – is responsible for dressing and maintaining the altar. This includes ordering supplies, caring for paraments and brassware, tribute candles, and observing the colors and traditions of the Christian calendar. These responsibilities are rotated among the Altar Guild volunteers.

Communion Stewards – The Communion Stewards prepare the elements for Holy Communion before each communion service offered during the traditional worship services.

Communion stewards come together before communion Sundays and for special services where communion will be served.  Members work to prepare the elements (bread, wafers, and juice) for the congregation to participate in Holy Communion.  Members prepare the altar, as needed, before communion services.  In addition to setting up for communion, members also clean up after communion is served.  They also support the Pastor in offering sacarments to the homebound.

Flower Ministry – The Flower Ministry delivers the altar flowers each week to cheer those who are currently or were recently hospitalized, those in nursing homes, and persons who are ill or unable to attend services.  They work in teams to prepare and deliver the flowers. Each person is assigned a specific Sunday.

Greeters – The job of a Greeter is to make members and visitors feel welcome when they attend services at Central UMC. Greeters should be in place early so that they are available to acknowledge people as they arrive and can offer assistance in finding the nursery, classrooms, restrooms. If you  smile, have a warm handshake, and are an early-bird, this is the job for you!

Liturgical Dance Ministries – Dancers need to be prayerful and sensitive to the Spirit. Worship Dance is not performance nor is it play, we are dancing for both personal and corporate worship of God and ministry to Him and an intercessory ministry to the congregation. Dancers need to be gracious towards others who may struggle with learning a new dance. Dancers must encourage others in the dance of Worship unto God!

Music Ministry – Whether it be through prayer, singing, or communion, worship can take many different forms. Here at Central UMC, music plays a vital role in our worship experience. We strive to connect with Jesus as we perform, appreciate, and share in the music during every service. Our many music ministries are open to all, and allow for us to connect with each other as we work together to prepare inspirational music to be shared in worship. Our special services on Easter, Christmas, and our Homecoming events help us reach out and connect with the larger community who often join us on these events. Giving church members opportunities to develop and use their musical gifts and talents as they grow spiritually is a special goal of the music ministry at Central UMC.

Ushers – Ushers should greet our members and guest warmly!  It is important that they welcome and assist all persons who enter the Sanctuary.  Ushers  should be in position  in a timely manner  to assist Worship service attendees. They assist in maintaining quiet in the Narthex area, they are  watchful stewards throughout the service. They also collect the tithes & offerings from congregation.  At the end of the service all of the attendance books should be collected and taken to the office.  After service has ended, perform general housekeeping (pick up discarded papers, return hymnals to pew holders, etc.). The ushers are very important to the Worship service!

Welcome Ministry – Welcomes all to fellowship! We are the Church In The Heart of The City With The Heart Of The People In Mind! They understand that Welcoming people on Sundays has everything to do with how we make people feel. And they understand that welcoming ministries both inside and outside church walls are part of vital congregations.

Wedding Ministry – Our purpose is to provide a warm welcome to all who get married at Central UMC and facilitate their wedding rehearsal and ceremony in a friendly, organized, and helpful manner.

Youth Ministry – To walk with youth in their journey to know Christ by creating an environment in which youth can experience Christian communion to hear the gospel to know God’s love and to respond in faith by loving and serving others, for in all of this we are making disciples of Jesus Christ.”

Young Adult Ministry – Our purpose is to provide spaces for young adults to connect and build community with other young adults seeking to grow in Christ. We offer multiple ways to get involved and always love to meet new people.  Everyone has a place here. If you are looking to be part of a community that shares life together, has fun together and finds meaning in life through faith, we would love to hear from you!