z345i9n498dAt Central United Methodist Church, we seek to practice the Six Marks of Discipleship, which reflect how we live out our faith in Jesus Christ in six areas of life.

To the glory of God, we believe we are called to…

Pray Daily – be in conversation with God and listen to God through daily prayer.

Worship Weekly – attend worship to praise and adore God with other believers.

Read the Bible daily – spend time in the Bible and devotional books seeking to better know Christ and what God has to say for our lives.

Serve at and beyond Central UMC– by using the gifts God has given each of us, we set out to share our abilities and gifts for the sake of others.

Develop Spiritual Friendships – encourage others in the faith.  Share life’s journey with others.  Share how God is moving in our lives and in the world.

Give of our Time, Talents and Resources– share generously what God has so freely and wonderfully given to us. We are encouraged to tithe 10% of our income or more. The Six Marks of Discipleship serve as a check list concerning how one’s faith practice is progressing.